Training & Coaching

                                                               TRAINING & COACHING, CONSULTING

We provide consulting,  training and coaching in different areas

on individual level or small-medium and big groups.

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We provide Training on Demand ( ToD) in a variety of fields and topics ( psychiatry, psychology, relationships, parenting, social sciences and humanity related topics).

These training sessions range from few hours, one day to 3 days, and are sanctioned with professional certificate of attendance, up to 8 credits of continuing professional development.

Trainings can be done on our site, your company's site, or other public places such as conference rooms etc..., or online via Skype/Webinar.

                    Iternational Facilitations & consulting

Area of expertise

  1. Peacebuilding, conflict resolution and mediation
  2. Psychology of radical behavior and radicalization
  3. Conflict and mental health issues
  4. Psychosocial interventions and rehabilitation in the aftermath of civil wars
  5. Effective treatment of posttraumatic stress disorders (PTSD) in the aftermath of civil wars
  6. Treating women victims of organized rape during civil wars
  7. Transcultural psychiatric treatment in the aftermath of wars
  8. Psychosocial treatment and adequate therapies for ex-child combatants
  9. Communal psychological healing strategies in the aftermath of wars
  10. Professional skills for interventions in the war ravaged settings
  11. Psychology of political intent behavior ( understanding political behavior, impacts, through political psychoanalysis approach).
  12. Chronic conflict and chronic mental health issues perspectives
  13. Transcultural psychiatry and Indigenous healing in integrative 
  14. Structural  interventions for peace and conflict resolution strategies 

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Claude R.Shema,MD.Msc.PhD/PsyD-c


(Mental Health Conslutant)




Phone#: +1-780-220-8383

Office Address :

10339 106 St NW, 

Edmonton, AB, T5J 1H8

Call/text: +1-780-220-8383 for appointment

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