We use variety of approaches and different type of counselling modalities, depending on individual's issue, needs and response to specific treatment or counseling aspects. But most of all, we base our interventions on holistic foundation of client.

We embrace biopsychosocial model of individual's needs, through thorough analysis on biological factors, psychological factors, and environment/social context factors.

This in-depth interventions based biopsychosocial model makes us unique, and more effective in addressing patient's puzzles or issues effectively.


At Shema Discovery Institute, we treat our patients through holistic model: Body, Mind and Soul. In other word, we embrace a "Biopsychosocial model" to assess and focus on individualized treatment through biological, psychological, and social/environment factors associated with human wellbeing.

As of methods/Modalities we employ (mong others):

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT)

-Solution Focused Therapy ( SFT)

-EMDR ( Eye Movement

Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy

-Narrative Exposer therapy (for trauma)

-Emotional Focused Therapy

Area of interventions:

1.General counselling


           - Depression

           -Anger management

           - Trauma/PTSD

           - Stress ( personall and work related stress)

           - Bullying ( school/work related bullying)

           - Relationship issues


           -Behavioral disorders

2.General Mental health Counselling

3.Parenting and Family Counselling

4.Couples counselling

5. Weight loss and wellbeing counselling

 ( individualized plan)



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